Brother PR 600 Embroidery Machine

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  • Brand: Brother
  • Category: Embroidry Machines

The Brother PR-600 gives you the power and technology of a commercial embroidery machine yet is incredibly easy to use. This innovative machine is compact enough to fit anywhere in your home yet portable enough to take with you on the road. Best of all, it makes it possible for you to become a professional or embroider just like one.

This PR-600 can be used with a floppy disk OR a USB cable plugged directly into your computer or laptop!  Very handy for using at trade shows, motorcycle rallies, etc.!
Not all PR-600 machine have a USB port.

PR-600 offers easy operation, six needles, automatic color change, automatic top and bottom thread trimmers, embroiders caps and tubular garments, has a 12" x 8" embroidery area, and sews at a maximum speed of 1000 spm.

  • The Brother PR-600 gives you the POWER and FEATURES of an industrial embroidery machine, yet it's compact enough to fit anywhere in your home or shop and lightweight enough to take with you on the road.
  • The PR-600 offers easy operation, six needles, automatic color change, automatic top and bottom thread trimmers, embroiders tubular garments, has a 12" x 8" embroidery area, and sews at a maximum speed of 1000 spm.
  • The most exciting feature is multi-media software ports, for optional Brother embroidery cards and PE Design downloads to blank cards or floppy disks. No other embroidery machine has this flexibility.


-6 needles 1 position for one needle
-Maximum embroidery speed 1,000 Stitches per minute
-Maximum embroidery fill stitching speed 1,000 stitches per minute
-Stitch capacity machine will read up to
-500,000 Stitches per design, or
-500 color changes, or
-100 combined designs
-Color LCD with 4096 colors
-640 x 240 LTD size dot matrix
-Touch screen pattern selection and editing
-Direct PC connection via USB Port
-Embroidery card slot
-Upgraded through USB Port connection
-Built in memory
-Bobbin system front loading vertical rotary hook
-Push button, automatic needle threader
-Upper thread breakage sensors
-Manual tension control
-Automatic thread trimmer upper and lower
-Start and Stop button with lock feature
-On screen speed control
-Uses pre wound bobbins
-Choose units of measure inches or millimeters
-Character text array editing
-Design size change 10% reduction to 20% increase on most designs
-Needle forward and reverse placement 8 starting and 8 ending postions
-Embroidery hoops 4 included
Extra large 7-7/8" x 11-3/4" (200mm x 300mm)
Large 5-1/8" x 7-1/8"(130mm x 180mm)
Medium 4" x 4" (100mm x 100mm)
Small 1 1/2" x 2-3/8" (40mm x 60mm)
-Hoop sensor advises hoop size for design chosen
-Built in embroidery designs -59 designs
-Large floral alphabet
-13 styles of alphabets
-10 frames with 12 design stitches
-Monogram designs with frames designs
-On screen stitch count and running time system
-Built in operation guide
-Built in help messages
-Auto design saver if power is shut off 


dr-mom 5.0
After years of using single-needled home machines it was time to move up. I have been dreaming, of this machine, and praying to make it mine since the first day I heard about it. I still couldn't believe I bought this machine. The major feature of the PR600II is of course, the six needles. For those new to embroidery, this means I do not have to re-thread the machine for every color change. This means I can set the machine and go outside to attend to my garden and the machine will finish the de ... sign on its own! It trims the thread between color changes as well as jump stitches! If you have a home machine you'd know how tiresome it is for designs with lots of jump stitches. It's the little things this machine can do that makes me love it even more. And this is one of the features I never really even knew about before buying - what an extra bonus. The machine is tubular so I can embroider baseball caps easily unlike home machines. I can also embroidery other things too that would have been very difficult with home machines. In addition I have the Accessory Ready Version 2.10 which means that when I have the extra funds I can add two new hoops - one that is large for caps and one that is called a cylinder for doing shirt sleeves and pant legs - without having to open the seams - I am now dreaming again! Of the next purchase - but one needs a dream! It also is a great size -it's very portable and can be moved anywhere be it for business or family, and belive me you will be very popular with long lost relatives once they see what you can do on this machine! More >
Imacubsfan2 5.0
I always dreamed of starting an embroidery business and expanding the possibilities of my home embroidery. Then in January 2008 we purchased the Brother PR600II PR620 embroidery machine. With six needles to make any of the jobs I had go way quicker! Most of the jobs I had required multiple colors. The automatic color change feature allows you to program the correct thread color sequence for the entire design. You can acutally set it and pretty much walk away. This machine is everyrhing you ... need to deliver professional results in a compact, easy-to-use package. It is so simple to pack this baby up and head to a Craft show - and embroider a wide variety of items such as shirts, jackets, jeans, totes or towels with business logos, school names, monograms, decorative motifs and more. I enjoy using built-in embroidery designs and fonts. Another great feature is the USB capabilities - I can access all my purchased embroidery designs stored on my computer as well. The sky is the limit with the BROTHER PR-600 II embroidery machine. I have caps, shirts, pants, and bags to wear everyday - and the business is fantastic with this great machine! More >
snwflwr6 3.0
got this for christmas and am having a hard time understanding the use of it. I am working very hard trying to understand how this works. Husband thought it would be easy for me to use. I wanted some thing simpler but I am sure once I figure this out I will love it.